No Explanations was formed by guitarist, Dan Leonard (left), and pianist, Mark Christopher Brandt (right). In 1993, the two musicians met and immediately began collaborating together with the intention of touring and recording in an eclectic "dream band" which would cover all of the musical styles they enjoyed playing from folk and country, to European classical, to rock, fusion, and jazz.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, the duo was forced to split up and travel different directions for many years. The bond was held together by the two musicians with annual Chinese food luncheons and a tenacious grip on the dream band idea.

No Explanations is the fulfillment of this dream and the beginning of a journey which dates back to 1997 when the duo first recorded together. In 2013 the reunited duo began collaborating with bassist, Shaun Jurek, and drummer Russell Lucas. These four musicians form the current lineup of No Explanations and they work together to maintain all of the duo, trio and quartet possibilities, while remaining predominantly improvisational in their musical outreach.

The backgrounds of these musicians are as varied as they are in common with each other, and their individual influences range from classical to jazz, rock, country, and pop. The group sound is based on solid original compositions which leave plenty of room for improvisation. The chemistry and the energy among these musicians is refreshing, and all four artists offer the same description of the band's concept: "Our fans are people who love instrumental music, and they are looking for the joy found in a musical journey which brings them hope amidst the trials of day to day life. We simply want to play and share; share and play. Nothing heavy. No explanations. It's all about the music."



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